Welcome to the Soule Family Foundation

The Soule Family Foundation is a family oriented supporting organization.  The foundation holds strong relationships with other charities and organizations that it supports.  We are organized and operated exclusively to support specified charities.  Our mission is to give to our communities of ourselves and our prosperity in a manner consistent with the legacies of Walter and Charlotte Soule.  Our philanthropy will focus on the areas of health and human services, medical research, animal welfare, education and the arts.   

The Soule Family prides themselves in helping others strive and achieve opportunities that might not have been granted to them otherwise.  It is the foundations goal to help these individuals create an impact in their local communities.  Being able to impact the community and help other individuals is the main purpose of the Soule Family Foundation.

Throughout the years the Soule Family has helped thousands of individuals achieve their goals and provide them with ongoing opportunities.  The foundation has the pleasure of giving these opportunities to individuals and other charitable organizations.  One of the main goals of the foundation  is to continue to maintain a high level of giving and improvement throughout the organizations it supports.

The Soule Family appreciates your time and energy by coming to our website and navigating around.  The foundation is thankful for the opportunity that has presented itself and is lucky to have the opportunity to create such an impact with other charitable organizations.